VMware vCenter 5.1.0b

On December 20 2012, VMware vCenter Server 5.1.0b has been release with some bug fixes and few notable improvements. Refer Release Note here for more information.


VMware vSphere Multi-Hypervisor Management

Interesting new VMware vSphere Multi-Hypervisor Management (MHM) has been demo on VMware World 2012. MHM able to manage Microsoft Hyper-V server from vCenter server with one plugin on vSphere Client and free download with vCenter Standard Edition. Interesting right?

Here the demo:

VMware vSphere Multi-Hypervisor Management Demo


GA – ESXi 5.0 Patch Release Date 27/09/2012

You can read the online version here. Please read the information carefully especially the KB which has some useful information related to this patch(Bug fix and security). To be honest, the patch mostly is to resolve some issues and the only enhancement that I’ve found:

PR896193: The VMGencounter generation ID is increased to 128-bit value to support specification changes from MSFT and also ACPI notification support is added.


vCenter Server Services Hang On Startup After Upgrading to vCenter Server 5.1

After upgrading to vCenter Server 5.1, the VMware VirtualCenter Server service displays as Starting and fails to complete the start of the service. The issue is caused by a key length mismatch between the vCenter Server certificate and the encrypted host passwords stored in the vCenter Server database. You need to run some SQL command to solve this issue. Refer to this VMware KB for more information.


vSphere Replication (VR) 5.1 is Unable to Recover Protected Virtual Machines

vSphere Replication 5.1 (VR) cannot recover protected virtual machines after the ESX host on the primary site is down, disconnected from the network, or its storage is not available. This is a known issue in VMware vSphere Replication 5.1. Currently, there is no resolution. Refer this VMware KB for more information.


VM with more than 32 snapshots

We sometime may overlook the very basic thing and because of this, it can caused you some hick up to your production environment. Same goes to me when I tried to reconfigure one of the ESXi host and suddenly a long error came out from nowhere “Cannot synchronize host dc2esx02. A general system occurred. Unexpected exception reading HTTP bla bla bla….”. To cut the story shot, what you have to do normally is to follow exactly what has been mentioned in this KB. I’ve done successfully a few cases before but luckily for this case, I don’t have to. Since the snapshots was back dated in Nov last year. I just need to delete all unused snapshot, modify some parameters in .vmsd file to “False”. Then, I’m able to reconfigured the HA or power on the VM without problem anymore.