Consolidating Snapshot in vSphere 5

In vSphere 5 there is new command accessible through a click. From vSphere client, when we initiating Delete or Delete All operations on snapshot, the snapshot are deleted from Snapshot Manager, then the snapshot files are consolidated and merged to another snapshot file or to the parent disk of virtual machine. If fails, there were no snapshots shown in the Snapshot Manager, but the snapshot files were still being used on the datastore and this can cause the datastore run out of space. with vSphere 5, we can just right click virtual machine > Snapshot > Consolidate. But of course we need to know which virtual machine that we need to consolidate. Here are complete step:

Note: the ESXi host that the virtual machine is registered on must be and ESXi 5 host.

p/s: Now on vSphere 5, we can SvMotion virtual machines with snapshots.



VMware KB article about SvMotion / vDS / HA problem with vSphere 5

VMware KB team published the KB article that explain the problem around SvMotion / vDS / HA on vSphere 5. This is a known issue in vSphere 5.0 and also on vSphere 5.0 Update 1. For those running vSphere 5 and using VMs that attached to vDS might face this problem when SvMotion.


  • A virtual machine remains powered off after an HA event
  • You are able to manually start the virtual machine
  • You may be using a vDS and have SDRS enable

The KB article now has a script attached in addition of work around which will help preventing problems until a full fixed is released by VMware. This script basically has been wrote by William Lam and has been fully tested by VMware.


ESXi 5.0 U1 Brocade 825 HBA card

During last night ESXi 5.0 U1 installation, I’ve noticed that something was missing from the storage adapter configuration in vSphere client. We opened the top case for this HP DL380 G7 server and luckily the HBA card is there but it just won’t be detected by default ESXi 5.0 installation. Once we verified that the card is in the HCL, we searched for the driver in VMware driver/download site and luckily the Brocade BFA driver v3.03 (8MB) is available for download. Just follow the “read me” included in the driver, upload the driver to local datastore, change your ESXi 5.0 U1 to maintenance mode, you can start with the installation by using #esxcli command as below:

Make sure you insert absolute path for the .vib file.

Once rebooted, login to your ESXi 5.0 U1 host via client and you should able now to see Brocade card under storage adapter as below.


We fought and we failed

It was my routine task yesterday to upgrade one of my customer vSphere 4 environment to vSphere 5. Unfortunately, everything didn’t go as what we had planned earlier. The server unable to load ESXi image from the installer, network and SAN connection issue were some of the issues that we have had on that day. The task which can be finished within 6 hours finally end up with ONLY 10% completed. Luckily, there were three of us and we managed to overcome it though not all. Now our focus is on IBM system X3650 M2 which failed to load the kernel every time we boot the server with ESXi 5 installer. No matter how many CD/DVD that we burned with different set of ISO, it still won’t boot up properly. By now, since the hardware is listed in the HCL we are hoping for some good news from VMware so that me and my colleague can finish the job ASAP.


VMware JumpStart Training

My colleague’s turn conducting a 2 days VMware JumpStart Training for vSphere 5 at our office in Cheras. Basically this training is design for beginner but most of the time we will share some of technical and intermediate stuff such as troubleshooting steps, logs diagnosis, performance tuning, best practices, design and etc. Yes, there will be some hands-on though this is just for jumpstart. Trainee will do installation of ESXi 5.0 on VM, create iscsi datastore, play with the VM and snapshot, cloning and etc. Ouch! There will be a quiz too J