Am I Guilty?

I’m just another human like the rest who tend to make a mistake. Regardless in what my position is, I’m no near to Mr.Perfect. There is often banana skin around the corner and sooner or later we may fall because of it. By the way, mistake can end up with a conflict. But am I guilty when asked my follower to do this and that? Every assignment that I gave to them was based on trust, capability and their skill. Unfortunately followers sometime cannot understand this and they blindly making an assumption toward this conflict. I still remember what was been told by my previous Boss, “you will lose your hope when your Boss is stop talking to you“. Then I realized, I almost did this to one or two of my followers before. My question now is, do they realize it?

Delegate responsibility only to those who have demonstrated the capacity to handle it


What’s my future?

I admit, this is not an easy to predict. Everyone can have their own dreams and no one can blame about it. But what I realized was, sometime and most of the time this wasn’t happened according to our plan. Life is not fair for a loser but exceptional for a winner. Future is something we may or may not able to achieve and there is no guarantee for it. Nevertheless, this should not prevent you from having a dream about your future. The fallen and disappointment are the process of achieving our dream. If it’s to be, so be it…

The very best to predict future is to create it

This gonna be tough

This year is gonna be a different from last year indeed. There will be less testing for sure. Challenge arise from different perspective or area. In fact, some would be a heart broken and believe me, it’s hurting me too. Nevertheless, disappointment is for sure. Year by year gone, this is expecting though. Who am I? Am I a leader or manager? I know, my day as engineer has ended long time ago. To move on, there must be a leader under my umbrella. So, good leader in the searching and hopefully I don’t have to wait for too long.

Leader always think and talk about solutions while follower always think and talk about problems